Top Tips When Shopping for Emerald Cut Diamonds

The emerald cut exudes power, sophistication and modern beauty. While it may not have the fire or brilliance or the round cut, there is still plenty to admire with this diamond shape top of which is the excellent clarity.

What is the emerald shape?

On the crown and the pavilion of the emerald diamond are rows of step facets which face parallel to the girdle. These create a “hall of mirrors” effect which is the signature if the emerald cut. This diamond shape can either have 57 or 58 facets.

How popular are emerald cuts?

Granted, emerald cuts are not as popular as round cut diamonds or the other brilliant cuts. That said, they have seen a steady rise in popularity in recent years.

Furthermore, not being so popular can be a good thing. Some people like to feel distinctive and unique and don’t like to wear popular diamond shapes. If you are one of these individuals, an emerald diamond is the perfect diamond shape.

Emerald diamonds and size

The emerald cut diamond has an elongated shape and a much smaller depth. Because of this, it will appear larger than a round cut diamond of similar carat weight. Moreover, due to the elongated shape, they also have the ability to make your fingers appear longer as well.

Choosing a setting for your emerald cut diamond

Emerald diamonds do well with halo or solitaire settings. For that vintage-inspired look, go for a glittering halo emerald setting as this type of setting adds extra sparkle to the diamond.

How costly are emerald diamonds?

Compared to the 75% percent of round diamonds bought by diamond shoppers, only 3% of diamonds bought are emerald. This makes them rare. Consequently, it pushes up the price.

That said, since emerald diamonds appear larger than they are, you can choose a lower carat weight diamond to get a good deal.

Metals cut diamonds and clarity

Emerald cut diamonds have large table facets and a cut that naturally draws the eye towards the center of the stone. Clarity is a highly important factor when selecting your emerald cut diamond. Observers can spot imperfections easily which is why it’s highly important to ensure that you pick an eye-clean emerald cut diamond.

Emerald cut diamond and cut

Emerald cut diamonds will not receive a cut grade by the GIA which is the degree of proportionality and symmetry of the diamond facets. That said, emerald cut diamonds do receive asymmetry and polish grades. This is the best way to judge the sparkle of the diamond. For the best sparkle, choose an emerald-cut that has Excellent polish and Excellent symmetry.

Emerald cut diamonds and color

While diamonds higher up on the color scale have less color and may appear icy, the color grade you choose should be the one that is most appealing to your eyes.

Emerald cut diamond and carat weight

To choose the best carat weight for your emerald cut diamond, start with your chosen carat weight and budget and then focus on finding a stone with the right polish and symmetry.