Blue Nile Reviews — Top Reasons to Shop at Blue NIle

Back in 1999, Blue Nile founder, Mark Vadon decided to take the experience of shopping for a diamond online. He had previously had a less than ideal experience when shopping a diamond himself and thought that he could move the entire process of finding the perfect engagement ring online.

In 2004, Blue Nile went ahead to offer an IPO. The move saw them earning $76 million and setting themselves as one of the largest engagement ring retailers online. However, in 2016, Blue Nile became private again and is still one of the most well-known names in the diamond business today.

Diamond shopping experience at Blue Nile

When you visit their website, you will find a long list of different diamonds. Blue Nile, however, lets you play around with the filters to find your perfect stone. The main categories are based on the diamonds’, shape, carat weight, cut, color as well as clarity.

Moreover, you can also go steps further and filter your choices based on the polish, symmetry, table %, fluorescence, depth% and the L/W ratio.

One of the things that we found quite intriguing is that you can choose two diamonds that you are interested in and compare them side by side. Furthermore, when searching for your ideal stone, the website doesn’t clutter your screen with images. This allows you to filter and to narrow down your search easily and efficiently.

Diamond selection at Blue Nile

One of the main factors that we loved about Blue Nile was the huge diamond selection. They have over 170,000 stones to choose from. While this can make it seem difficult to narrow down your search, a large collection means that you are very likely to find a stone that suits you and your budget.

The financing options at Blue Nile

It is not always the best idea to borrow finances to be able to buy a diamond. It is much better to have your own money saved and work within your budget to find the ideal diamond for you. However, not all situations are the same and sometimes you may find it best to seek financing options.

Luckily Blue Nile offers two financing options. These are:

• The deferred interest financing - this is where you will pat zero interest if you pay for your purchase within the agreed period. For stones that cost between $500 -$1499, these will need to be paid within 6 months. Diamonds costing between $1500 + should be paid within 12 months. Astor by Blue Nile which cost more than $2000 should be paid for within 18 months.

• 9.99 APR if you pay the loan within the agreed time. You will also be required to make equal payments. For stones costing $2000 – 2999, you get 26 months, $3000-3999 in 48 months, and 60 months for $4000+.


Blue Nile offers a huge collection of diamonds and great financing options. Their filter system is also among the best you will find online. However that said, their image quality is not as good as James Allen.